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Heyt be! Fanzin, art zine project, printed on paper, 2010-nowadays

In 2010, Heyt be! Fanzin was founded as a zine & artist collective by Deniz Beser, Sedef Karakas and Barıs Sinsi in Istanbul, Turkey. Heyt be!, which approaches its entire layout with collage logic and without the use of computers, is an independent and timeless art publication defending analog against digital in this context.

The zine presents such contents as contemporary art, comics, illustration, interview, literature, music, and politics. In this context, Heyt be!’s primary goal is to create an alternative exhibition in a fanzine form.

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Nase Zine, art zine project, printed on paper, 2016-2017

Nase Zine is a photocopy magazine (fanzine), founded by Deniz Beşer, La Garçonne and Du von Jetzt- Muzaffer Hasaltay in Vienna, Austria. Published in three languages German, Turkish and English.

The Name of the Zine is inspired by the phrase “to stick your nose in…” which exists in Turkish (‘herşeye burnunu sokmak”) as well as in German (“die Nase in etwas stecken”). The collective of Nase Zine wants to share with you the joy of sticking your nose in a lot of things.

Deniz Beser

Artist / Curator / Independent Publisher

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