Heyt be! Fanzin #8

Heyt be! Fazin 8th issue’s theme is “Fake Popularity”. What’s not in the zine! 2/5 Bz interview, Haylayf Ş. Triangle, Koma Redakte, Magenta Unicorn and more in “You should listen these because”. Also this issue has ”Art environments” comics, Venice Biennale as a Contemporary Art Pilgrimage, What is the occupation house? What it is not, articles from Juliane Saupe, Uğur Aydın and Barış Mengütay, illustrations of “false popularity” from Deniz Beser and Sedef Karakas…

Artists & Authors: Deniz Beser, Sedef Karakas, Barış Sinsi, Juliane Saupe, Ugur Aydın, Barış Mengütay, Hilal Can, Zeynep Yalçınkaya, Ahmet Ghandi Tanpınar, Emre Altundağ, Nurefşan Toplu, Orçun Tan,
•Interviews: 2/5 BZ ( Artist, Zine Maker, Radio Programmer from Turkey)
•Languages: Turkish & English (There is 3 English texts and 13 Turkish texts, 14 pages are totally visual contents)
•Pages: 40
•Size: 27,7 cm x 19,5 cm
•Ed. of 750
•Year: 2016
•Print: Offset printing
•Binding: Staple binding
•Cat. Nr: HBF008
•Tags: illustration, collage, humour, art zine, literature, music, art, politic, fake popularity, Venice Biennial, Squats.