Deniz Beser – Attention Wars

Deniz Beser, Attention Wars, zine, 2017

New Jörg hosted Istanbul and Vienna based artist Deniz Beşer’s solo exhibition “Attention Wars”.

The internet is the ally as well the center of #ridiculousness. The internet can offer both survival strategies and a sea of endless #stupidity and #absurdity. It supplies manifold possibilities as a tool for #political empowerment and likewise for #self-display and #longing for appreciation. In times of #crisis and #Trumpism, the internet is a platform for #radical politics but simultaneously for #histrionic behaviour.

Contemporary Turkey is shaped by terror, civil war, environmental destruction, bizarre laws, and populism. Istanbul is #chaos, #beauty and #melancholy, with its mega projects, growing population, and political oppression. But of course Turkey is not the only country where the #nightmare of populism escalates.

#Attention Wars in any given sense are present in populism, consumerism, and #battlefields of social media. It might be funny and sad at the same time, but we desperately need humour to survive this #shit.

Artist: Deniz Beser
Language: English
Pages: 16
Size: 10,5 cm x 14,8 cm
Ed. of 100
Year: 2017
Print: Photocopy
Binding: Staple binding
Cat. Nr: 
Tags: Exhibition Zine, Attention Wars, Vienna, New Jörg, Art, pop art, painting, zine