Deniz Beser – A Corona Zine

A Corona Zine, 2020

“A Corona Zine: Stayed at Home” consists of Corona-themed drawings and ideas which Beser had been working on since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak. In this zine, Beser tried to overcome his boredom with humorous  reflections of his thoughts during multiple lockdowns. His intention was to gather these drawings in a fanzine and share them with You.
The Zine also comes with a small freebie – a toilet paper roll.  Toilet paper has turned into a popular symbol in the beginning of the Outbreak, and has now become iconic. Who knows! Maybe you´ll need it for your next panic attack!

Artist: Deniz Beser
Language: English & Turkish
Pages: 28
Size: 21 cm x 14,8 cm
Ed. of 100
Year: 2020
Print: colour photocopy
Binding: Staple binding
Cat. Nr: FAN007
Tags: Art, corona, illustration, comics, humour, visual diary