Nase Zine #02

Nase Zine 02 says that ”We are thinking that we are separated from others because of different ”things”.
Local-foreigner, independent-dependent, precarious-wealthy, producer-consumer, Van der Bellen-Hofer, %50-50, always %50.
In the first issue of Nase Zine our theme was “alienation“, 50% of the zine was conducted through that topic, 50% not. The second issue`s theme is “50%“ and again “50%“ of Nase Zine will be about that, the other 50% is about whatever people feel the need to talk about. ”
Nase Zine is a Vienna based fanzine, founded in February 2016 by Deniz Beşer, La Garçonne and Muzaffer Hasaltay Du von Jetzt. Published in three languages German, Turkish and English.

The Name of the Zine is inspired by the phrase “to stick your nose in…” which exists in Turkish (‘herşeye burnunu sokmak”) as well as in German (“die Nase in etwas stecken”). The collective of Nase Zine wants to share with you the joy of sticking your nose in a lot of things

•Artists & Authors: Deniz Beser, Muzaffer Hasaltay Du von Jetzt, Sascha Kesic, Tatiana Nascimento Dos Santos, Mika Maruyama, Iman Ithram, Reco Cemal Akgün, NONONO (Pantomime Pantomime), Esra Özmen (EsRap), Onur Serdar, Hilal Can, Walter Ego, Gökhan Cellat, La Garçonne, Sedef Karakaş and Juri Schaden.

Languages: English, German and Turkish
•Pages: 40
•Size: 22,8 cm x 16,5 cm
•Ed. of 200
•Year: 2016
•Print: Photocopy // B&W
•Binding: Staple binding
•Cat. Nr: NZ02
•Tags: Contemporary art, comics, illustration, collage, humour, art zine, literature, music, sociology, politics.