Nase Zine #04

Nase Zine is a photocopy magazine (fanzine), founded by Deniz Beşer, La Garçonne and Muzaffer Hasaltay Du von Jetzt. It is published in three languages German, Turkish and English. We understand the Zine and its events as a point for a get-together of the Vienna based Turkish and post-migration subcultural scene.

The Name of the Zine is inspired by the phrase “to stick your nose in…” which exists in Turkish (‘herşeye burnunu sokmak”) as well as in German (“die Nase in etwas stecken”).

Migration? Migration is the term for the movement of individuals and groups caused by economical, social, political and religious reasons as well as war and climate. All these factors can lead to an act of leaving the resident country with the intent to settle elsewhere. Furthermore, migration means moving out, hegira and asylum, it is a concept which is not just valid for human beings but for all living entities. How did migration come off in human and creatures’ history, how and why do people migrate these days, was migration always part of the human history? These questions we – the visual artists, writers and thinkers collaborating in Nase Zine – won`t be able to answer but we will question them through our contributions to this collective Zine.

•Artists & Authors: Deniz Beser, Fatih Aydogdu, Cana Bilir-Meier, Diana Bulzan, Sheree Domingo, Elektro Hafız, Taida Kusturica, Juri Schaden, Hilal Can, Walter Ego, Nazim Ünal Yilmaz, Nina Prader, Cecilia Tasso, Öncel Seçgin, Onur Serdar, Reha Refik Taşcı, Songül Sönmez, Ali Çetinkaya, Iman Ithram, Betül Seyma Küpeli, Eren İleri, Camila Rhodi, Esra E.Demir, La Garconne, Du von Jetzt-Muzaffer Hasaltay

•Languages: English, German and Turkish
•Pages: 44
•Size: 22,8 cm x 16,5 cm
•Ed. of 100
•Year: 2017
•Print: Photocopy // B&W
•Binding: Staple binding
•ISBN: –
•Cat. Nr: NZ04
•Tags: Contemporary art, comics, illustration, collage, humour, art zine, literature, music, sociology, politics.