Heyt be! Fanzin #9

In this issue, Heyt be! has interviews with the art collective Ha Za Vu Zu which signed with performances, exhibitions and extraordinary projects, and nowave, garage, postpunk music group Reptilians From Andromeda. ”You should listen these” hosts Electro Hafiz, The Raws, Still Corners and KZA, There are contents related to “Art Environments” + “Awakened Man” There is texts like “News What up’s” and Open Studio Days Istanbul.

•Artists & Authors: Deniz Beser, Sedef Karakas, Barış Sinsi, Zeynep Beler, İndustrias Doc (Rafa), Hansimiliam Von Schleich, Rosie Elsor, Cem Öztürk, Huri Kiriş, Mehmet Akçakoca, Ali Özkul. Semra Doll, Barış Sinsi, Deniz Çamcı, Emre Altundağ.
•Interviews: Ha Za Vu Zu (artist collective from Turkey) and Reptilians From Andromeda (no-wave, garage, post-punk music band from Turkey)
•Language: Turkish & English(There is 1 English comics, 3 English texts and 13 Turkish texts, 24 pages are totally visual contents)
Pages: 40
•Size: 22,8 cm x 16,5 cm
•Ed. of 1000
•Year: 2016
Print: Offset printing
•Binding: Staple binding
•Cat. Nr: HBF009
•Tags: Contemporary art, illustration, collage, humour, art zine, literature, music, Space