Zine Matters: Self Publishing From Prague to Vienna

Exhibition Opening – Zine Matters, Quatro Print Showroom, Vienna, Austria (2019)

Zine Matters: Self-Publishing from Prague to Vienna is curated by Deniz Beser (Director of Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair, and artist and self-publisher); and Frantisek Kast (Co-director of Phasebook: Prague Art Book & Zine Fair and co-founder of Page Five Art Bookstore). The conceptual framework of the exhibition was shaped by the Czech printing house Quatro Print, Beşer and Kast’s desire to establish a bridge between Austria and Czech Republic through fanzines, and together they took the initiative and focused on contemporary zine production in these countries.

Co-Curators: Deniz Beser and Frantisek Kast

No matter different geographies, diverse cultures and languages, there are artists and small publishers who speak the same code: it is printed on paper and materialized in Zines. But one can say, why not to bring some neighbouring countries any closer – and precisely it is the goal of our event Zine Matters. Zines are the most flexible, micro and DIY form of independent publishing. They are mostly produced by photocopying, but recently, other printing techniques such as risography, screen printing and printing without banderole have been used in their production. These zines do not have high level commercial concerns, and they are usually self-published. The highest values is in the message they carry: such publications are voices of artists and devoted fans, whether it is some obscure music, art fantasy literature or just paper.

New wave of self-publishing in past two decades is made by artists who compose these types of mainly visual-symbolic zines; they are also produced by students attending the universities of fine arts, and by people who come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. The zines’ themes in Vienna and Prague proceed in a context focused on politics, sports, and comics, and they create a whole complex infrastrucutre of alternative media – outside of the mainstream world of mass media, art, and politics. Those printed zines with DIY spirit constitute a great alternative to the current dominant culture. As the political statement is performed by the producing your own media.

Artists // Zines:  Anytime, BFLMPSVZ, Franz the Lonely Austrionaut, Deniz Beser, Nina Buchner, Juliána Chomová, Tonto Comics, Murmel Comics, DIN, Eclect, Nikola Hergovich, Heyt be! Fanzin, Eva Fenz, Fettkakao, Halb Format, Max Freund, Binta Giallo, Sigmund Hutter, KABINETT, Katja Hasenöhrl, Magdalena Kreinecker, Lačnit Press, Lucie Lučanská, Epileptic Media, Lenz Mosbacher, Miloš Hroch, Nýbrž, Nina Prader / Lady Liberty Press, Kudla Press, Well Gedacht Publishing, Rakısquad, Linda Retterová, Vinz Schwarzbauer, Tessa Sima, Soybot, Multiple Spirits, Kristian Ujhelji, Illustration studio UMPRUM, Mass Control Super Violence, Nase Zine, Trust In Zines, Vienna Zines and many more…

Supported by: Quatro Print , Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair , PhaseBook: Art Book & Zine Fair Prague) and Page Five Art Book Store.

Quatro Print Showroom , Joanelligasse 9,
1060, Vienna, Austria