Open Studio Days Istanbul // Açık Stüdyo Günleri

Open Studio Days Istanbul, 2014 – ongoing project

Açık Stüdyo Günleri // Open Studio Days provides in a row an opportunity for visual artists, artist-run spaces and other non commercial independent art organizations to open their doors and embrace the wider creative community and public of Istanbul.

Director & Coordination: Deniz Beser

Açık Stüdyo Günleri // Open Studio gives artists the chance to share their work with a curious audience without the need of an institution since 2014. The aim is to create a platform for networking, presenting art within independent structures, as well as making art accessible to everybody.

Teaser, Open Studio Days 2020, Video: Özkan Karagöz

Artist studios and houses, which are opened simultaneously in 15 different regions of Istanbul, allow visitors to explore the city as well. Since 2014, 240 art studios of 379 artists have been visited.

At the event, artists working on disciplines such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video and performance open their homes and art studios to visitors.

On the other hand, visitors have the opportunity to find art studios in Istanbul through the Open Studio Days maps and be guests in the working environments of artists that are not normally open to visitors.

Make it yourself, exhibit it yourself!

Open Studio Days Istanbul is a non-profit art book & zine fair organised by Deniz Beser.

Open Studio Days Istanbul, CNN Turk, 2020

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