Similarities Of Differences

Deniz Beser | Similarities of Differences, Center for Balkan Cooperation – LOJA, Tetovo, North Macedonia (2021)

Similarities of Differences is an exhibition by Deniz Beser through the READ Artist Residency Program (READ is a Project implemented by Goethe-Institut Skopje together with the partner organizations: @Center for Balkan Cooperation – LOJA (North Macedonia), Instituti i Librit dhe i Promocionit (Albania), Kalem Culture Association (Turkey), Krokodil (Serbia), Qendra Multimedia (Kosovo).

”During my stay in Tetovo, I observed daily life, local culture, motifs and languages here. My research-based project consists of the exhibition created with different mediums, a fanzine workshop, an open studio event, A fanzine’ project as a printed publication and video art & rap project. ”

Questions and topics such as ‘What are our similarities?’, ‘How do we live with the differences we have between us?’, ‘Different languages, common words’ and ‘Similarities of Differences’ are the focus points of my research. After making observations about North Macedonia and researching its history, I produced drawings, comics, site-specific installation and videos on the subject of “Similarities of Differences”. I documented and reproduced all these works in a fanzine (photocopy magazine – an independent publishing form). As a result of all this work and residency program, I hold the exhibition “Similarities of Differences” in the premises of Center for Balkan Cooperation LOJA.”

Video & Interview: Fisnik Xhelili/
Lyrics and rap by Deniz Beser /// Beat: Diss Track Type Beat – “PSYCHOPATH” /// Video Edit: Deniz Beser

Similarities Of Differences Zine

Deniz Beser, Similarities Of Differences, zine, 2021

Artist: Deniz Beser
Language: English, Macedonian, Albanian
Pages: 40
Size: 21 cm x 14,8 cm
Ed. of 250
Year: 2021
Print: Colour Offset Printing
Binding: Staple binding
Cat. Nr: FAN008
Tags: Art, North Macedonia, Tetovo, Skopje research, travel, illustration, humour