Heyt be! Mini Zine Archieve From Turkey

Heyt be! Mini Zine Archieve at Istanbul Comics & Art Festival, Ortaköy Yetimhanesi, İstanbul, Turkey (2019)

Curated and installation by Deniz Beşer, 2019

“Istanbul had a rich heritage of independent publishing from the 1990s. If the London-based 1970s punk zine Sniffin’ Glue was an international milestone, Istanbul’s were Mondo Thrasho and Laneth. These DIY publications took different aesthetic routes and were claimed by different scenes, but both started with the same idea.*” In Turkey, that same ideas is still going on and growing up with different approaches and interests on zines. Turkey has a long tradition of censorship but Zines are documents and snapshots of society without the censored voice.

The exhibition displays selected zines and other forms of self publications from Turkey, going back to the 1990s to today

Zines from Archive: Mondo Trasho, Spastik Eroll, Nase Zine, Çizgi Fanzin, Heyt be! Fanzin, Gözaltı Fanzin, Fomo Fanzin, Santigrad100, Paslı Teneke Fanatik Magazin, Taxidermia Fanzine, Güzel, Suimasen Turkey, Shadow Of A Doubt, Efkar Records, Mirror Selfieholic, Falçata, Why Has Nobody Noticed This, Diplo Docus, Medya Tavırs Fanzine, Hayta, Anarşist Vegan Queer Gün, Eblek Hardcore, Ver Leftere,Yelloz, Genedoğum, Haylaz Eroll, Fanzin Literarü, Frozen Kuken 45 C, Sünnet Fanzin, Mono Propaganda and many more.