Nase Sounds

Nase Sounds, Performance, VBKÖ, Vienna (2017)

Nase Sounds, performance & music project, 2016-2017

The Zine collective Nase Zine was part of the exhibition “Ein Anderes Land” at VBKÖ, Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs and to present in this context their latest issue ”Migration”. As a very special event of this release members of Nase Zine and Gökhan Cellat performed ”Nase Sounds”.

Nase Zine is a photocopy magazine (fanzine), founded by Deniz Beşer, La Garçonne and Muzaffer Hasaltay Du von Jetzt. It is published in three languages German, Turkish and English. We understand the Zine and its events as a point for a get-together of the Vienna based Turkish and post-migration subcultural scene.

The Name of the Zine is inspired by the phrase “to stick your nose in…” which exists in Turkish (‘herşeye burnunu sokmak”) as well as in German (“die Nase in etwas stecken”).