Istanbul, São Paulo or Tetovo

Istanbul, São Paulo or Tetovo, 220 x 210 cm, cardboards, mixed materials, 2021

”These homes, known as “gecekondu”(slum) in Turkey, “Favela” in Brazil, and “сиромашен кварт // large e varfër” in Macedonia, are located around big cities and towns without a building permit, mostly by the government. They are one- or two-room shelters that are built secretly and often overnight, on land. These structures are built by the people who are unemployment, etc. it is carried out by them to eliminate such an important problem as housing of poor people who are forced to migrate to large cities because of the troubles.

The expansion of these structures, on the other hand, leads to the growth of cities in a random and far from all kinds of planning form without any supervisory power and a plan, and too distorted urbanization.

During my stay in Tetovo, the lack of maintenance and massive size of social housing built during the Yugoslav era reminded me of a kind of huge slum. And apart from that, you can see the same hastily built structures that I encountered on the outer periphery of the city, in Turkey or Brazil. To prevent distorted urbanization, it is necessary to make breakthroughs in the transparent functioning of the social state structure and the need for public housing. Of course, perhaps one of the biggest obstacles is that the elders of the state continue to protect their interests until they come to this issue.

In my opinion, the other most important problem of Tetovo is the recycling of garbage and objects. Accordingly, I preferred to collect all the cardboard boxes from this garbage and recycle them as rough architectural structures. I tried to create this miniature of the city with brutalist craftsmanship and convey the unaesthetic architectural vulgarity of these structures through this craftsmanship.”

-Exhibited at Deniz Beser – Solo Exhibition Similarities of Differences, Center of Balkan Cooperation -Loja, Tetovo, North Macedonia, 2021