Contrast Series / Analog Gif 02

Contrast Series / Analog Gif 02, acrylic colour on canvas, in different sizes, 2018

In his painting series titled Contrast Series, Beser explores the transitions between what we see and what we speak, by transforming text into images. Trying to convey that in this series he has produced, everything is made up of poles that are interconnected, transformable and contain their opposites, Beser tries to show new images and contrasting words by transforming a singular image on a canvas through blue and red lights.

In the contrast series, the opposite of one word determines the meaning of the other. Beser deals with the inability of one of the opposites to be independent from the other and the contradictions in the world with his works. In this paintings, it is discussed that the contrast terms become intricate in the same composition. The contrasting terms of A & B, Production & Consumption, Loyality & Betrayal show the different economic poles of the world.