Yes We Gas

Yes We Gas, acrylic on wall, 400×370 cm, 2013

Exhibited at “Transformation des Geschehens”, Artist in Residency of Shedhalle Tübingen

27.05-22.06.2013, Tübingen (Germany)

”My research project´s main topic was based on the ´guerilla workers`, this is how I called the street vendors of Istanbul. The street vendors/´guerilla workers` are arriving, when there is a need, e.g. when it is raining there are selling umbrellas. I connected this topic with the Gezi movement in Turkey. My research during the Artist In Residency of the Shedhalle Tübingen, Germany was about, how these revolutionary happenings in Turkey effected or created new products of the ´guerilla workers`. For me it seemed to be also a “Transformation of occasion/Transformation des Geschehens”.