Upcoming Exhibitions / Fairs / Events

Open Studio Days, Istanbul, Turkey (7-9 October, 2022) (Exhibition)

Deniz Beser will be one of the artists at Open Studio Days Istanbul.

For more information: www.openstudiodays.com

Mauvaise impression, Galerie Art & Essai, Rennes, France (29 April – 10 June 2022) (Exhibition)

Heyt be! Fanzin is the part of the exhibition at Gallerie Art & Essai in Rennes, France

The punk movement had a profound impact on cultural circles: music, fashion, photography, zines. Although the roots of the protest date back to the Middle Ages (if we are to believe Greil Marcus), punk is forever associated with images that have unfortunately become stereotypes today. However, these stereotypes, particularly graphic and thematic, will be taken up by different movements, in particular feminists, which will give them a new lease of life. Today, we must do justice to punk for the wind of revolt that it blew on contemporary creation. Whether it is photography, installation, or publishing, contemporary creation owes a certain aesthetic of the margins to punk. Marge as themes: industrial wastelands, illegal concerts, wild feminist posting… Marge as a medium: micro-publishing, photocopying, screen printing, painting on newspapers… Margin as graphics: tears, random inking, sometimes illegible handwriting, collage…

This exhibition therefore sets out to place punk in its context, through works of art, new creations and zines: what it owes to the art of the 1960s to 1990s, what it generated in the 1970s and 1980s, and what he sowed in contemporary art.

For more information: https://galerie-art-et-essai.univ-rennes2.fr/mauvaise-impression-heritage-et-continuite-du-punk/

Vienna Comix, METAHall, Vienna, Austria (14-15 May, 2022) (Fair)

Vienna Comix 2022

Deniz Beser / Heyt be! Fanzin will be one of the exhibitors at Vienna Comix.

Visiting Hours:
Saturday 14. May 12-18 Uhr
Sunday 15. May 10-16 Uhr

Venue: METAHall der METAStadt : Dr.-Otto-Neurath-Gasse 3, 1220 Vienna

For more information: https://viennacomix.at

Kreuzung / Junction, Wohlmut, Vienna, Austria (23-28 April, 2022) (Exhibition)

For more information: wohlmut.org