The Reborn Identity

The Reborn Identity, mixed technic, 200×180 cm, 2012

The Reborn Identity exhibited at Issyk Kul and Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts – Bishkek, 2012


“The bio-cultural heritage and identity”, Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts Bishkek

Bishkek, July 11/ Kabar /. Contemporary art exhibition “Bio-cultural heritage and identity” within the project of Nomadic Art Camp on July 13 – 29, 2012 at the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts. 

According to organizers of the event, the exhibition will expose more than 30 works by artists from different countries participating in the project. This is original presentation of the results of an international symposium and nomadic art camp. The main leitmotif of the exhibition is the process of transformation of the cultural heritage as a source of inspiration in the works of contemporary art with new visual technologies: video, pictures, objects, installations, performances and actions.

Artists from Central Asia, Turkey, France and Switzerland through the Contemporary Art will try to talk about the importance of identity and importance of local communities in preservation of bio-cultural heritage, traditional knowledge and involvement in the bio-social processes.

As a result of the project a colorful catalog is planned to be published. The publication will be distributed throughout the world, including universities, libraries, museums, galleries, centers for contemporary art.

Artists:Konstantin Parshin, Deniz Beşer, Daler Rahmatov,Vera Karnauchova, Daler Mikhtodzhov, Marie Dominique Dhelsing, Osman Koç, Syrylbek Bekbotayev and Bakha Bubikonova