Deniz Beser / Sketch Diaries

⬤ Publication name: Deniz Beser – Sketch Diaries
⬤ Artist(s) & Author(s): Deniz Beser
⬤ Publisher: Heyt be! Fanzin
⬤ Price: 35 euro
⬤ Language(s): English / Turkish
⬤ Pages: 110
⬤ Size: 10,5 x 14,8 cm
⬤ Edition: 50
⬤ Year: 2019
⬤ Print: Homemade print
⬤ Binding: Hand made binding, hand stitch
⬤ ISBN: –
⬤ Tags: illustration, art, collage, sketch, diary

Deniz Beser’s first artist book “Sketch Diaries” includes 110 works that he selected from more than 2000 drawings and collages produced between 2009-2019. The book was published as a limited edition, each copy is numbered and bound by the artist.

Beser reflects on current and fictional subjects in a humorous and absurd perspective in his sketchbooks and drawings. In his “Sketch Diaries” the artist presents his works chronologically and true to their original size.