Portalb.mk, Tetovë, u mbajt ekspozita e artistit turko-austriak “Ngjashmëritë e Dallimeve

”Last night, in the premises of the Center for Balkan Cooperation “LOJA”, was held the exhibition “Similarities of Differences” by the Turkish artist, Deniz Beser, who stayed for a month in Tetovo. The artist in his works has reflected the reality and events he has encountered in Tetovo and Northern Macedonia, among which was the fire tragedy of the modular hospital. For Portalb.mk Beser said that we must accept all kinds of differences in this world, and that artists must continue to produce their art, despite the difficulties and challenges.”

Portalb.mk, news by Fisnik Xhelili, September 2021

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Portalb.mk, interview by Fisnik Xhelili, September 2021