No more Tears Formula

No more Tears Formula, 185×82 cm,  acrylic on fabric, lights, 2017

Love – Hate, 70×36 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2017

RADICAL LOVE HAPPENING is to create a space and time for people interested in anti-racist, queer- feminist and decolonial agendas and performance art. Next to its artistical approach its focus is on a socioplitical impact based on the idea of happenings. It is a collective event to engage in community, friendship, care, solidarity and love. It is interrogating on the modern ideas of bringing together life and art. Yet, I also understand it as political as an urge for supporting each other, pushing emancipatory discourse and grow through exchange and taking care of each other in a space that we want to create as safe as possible.

Due to a rational criticality of race, gender, class, sexuality and coloniality we feel a kind of need to value our feelings, stories and relations first and foremost in order to develop everyones auto-realization. In this sense RADICAL LOVE HAPPENING is a public event but reserves exclusiveness for its mentioned ambitions and will be spread among friends and comrades. It is located at the studio of Walter Ego, Petz in Kalvarienberggasse 19, Vienna.