It fits you like a glove

1. “Sesam Street”, mixed technic on paper, 120×70 cm, 2012

2.“Turkish Princess”, mixed technic on paper, 150×80 cm, 2012

3. “This is not classical one”, mixed technic on paper, 160×65 cm, 2012

Exhibition view | Deniz Beşer Solo Exhibition- “Bu model tam size göre!” // “It fits you like a glove!”, 29.09.2012 – 13.12.2012

Quick Time Waschsalon,Mescit Sokak 44, Kaleiçi, Antalya, Turkey

Through Deniz Beser`s work „IT FITS YOU LIKE A GLOVE“ we are dealing with the use of this popular phrase whether as blarney or truth, whether in direct or indirect way to support the positive perception of consumption.

The consumption of the public through all social backgrounds needs mechanisms from outside to exist, as far as consumption is not a instinctive behavior of human being. The consumption of the 21. Century implies not just the fulfillment of basic human needs, its also implies the fulfillment of constructed objective and extravagance ones 
(Karl Marx: „Commodity fetishism“.Capital: Critique of Political Economy 1867).

Painter, performance artist and fanzine publisher Beser used for the collages of the series „IT FITS YOU LIKE A GLOVE“ photographs of mannequins, which he found during his travels along the Turkish Blacksea to point out, how unintentionally absurd, misshapen and frightening partially nowadays the phrase“ It fits you like a glove“ and consumption in general can be.