Germany Memory

”Germany Memory”, ceramic, screen printing, 19x6x6 cm, 16 pieces, 2009

”After the artist residency program that I took part in France in 2008, I went to Berlin to visit contemporary art museums. During those years, I was actively working on street art and graffiti. One night, I was meeting with German graffiti artists and we were going out to paint the walls. After that, the German police caught us during doing graffiti on the walls. Then, police saw my Turkish passport, their attitude changed and they attacked me with racist approach and used violence. They did not do anything to my German friends and they set them free. The German police, who took me to the prison and I stay in the prison for 2-3 days so my holiday turned into a nightmare.

Here is my ceramic work called “Germany Memory”, a diploma project that I produced based on this story. This installation consisted of ceramic spray paint cans transformed into deformed ceramic faces as a portrait of a graffiti exposed to violence and telling the story in comics format. After the graduation exhibition, these works were exhibited with Andy Warhol’s works in the exhibition titled “Pop Art Extended” in Istanbul. In 2009, Germany Memory was exhibitied in “Magic Words” exhibition in Zilina, Slovakia”