Don’t let any other dream enter your eyes, plastic icons

Don’t let any other dream enter your eyes, plastic icons, acrylic colour on plastic bottles, 155 x 45 cm, 2012

Exhibition View | The Reality Terror, Depo, Istanbul, Turkey (2012)

Gerçeklik Terörü/Reality Terror aims to create a questioning, destructive, poetical language and aesthetics against arts and life in a world where the last traces regarding reality has been wiped off. Is it possible to have an existence against the fake realities constructed by interwined relations of arts and the market, of media and censure, of politics and pornography? 

Gerçeklik Terörü/Reality Terror with its poetical and destructive praxis of contemporary arts, invites you to question your beliefs, to find the world odd, the world that we live in and that we take as real, to open doors, of new realities, of new possibilities, of other worlds despite their all pessimism. 
Triggering a new language, a new aesthetics and even a new evolution for the new conscience/human, the politics of mutation! 

Coordinators: Alper T. İnce & Rafet Arslan